Be on the web in amazingly 17 seconds with your laptop!

Hi, today I will show you an amazing program that will get you on the web after only 17 seconds after you start your laptop. Do you travel a lot? Then this is a great solution to get you fast on the web and checking the website or email you just have to check in less time than it takes to boot Windows XP or Windows Vista.

You get the features of taking calls in Skype, making documents in OpenOffice, be on MSN Messenger and surf the web with a full version of Mozilla Firefox. You also save battery on your laptop with this amazing operating system. You just have to download it and install it with a few clicks on the NEXT button, and you are running.

Based on Linux

It’s the amazing OS, Xandros Presto I am talking about. It’s a linux based OS, and it’s stripped down to only run the applications you have to run to get on the web and do the above tasks. Linux is used as a system in many different solutions, and it is tied with the expectation of beeing diffucult to operate. This has changed, after getting a bigger user group and people, with less computer experience, is now moving to this system because it’s made simple. You don’t need to worry about driver compatiblity since it comes with most drivers for networking and other hardware for your laptop.

Install Xandros Presto

Go to Presto webpages and click on the button for “Try Presto” a little down on the page. You get a link to either a torrent file, or Tucows. You can choose where to download it from, I used torrent and it was a fast download of the install package which is about 500 megabyte.

When you got it downloaded, double click on the file and install it on your harddrive where you got your windows installation. Usually that would be C:. After you have installed it you will be able to choose to reboot your laptop, do it.

When your laptop starts, you get a option to choose either Windows XP / Vista or Xandros Presto, choose the last one, and you will be up and running in 17 seconds.

At first boot you will have to put in your wireless password, which you will find on the networking icon on the menu line. When you have put that in you can go surfing with Mozilla Firefox, doing Skype calls and chat on the MSN client. It is as fast as starting it to shut the system down if you would like to call it the day.

Try Presto today!

Go to their page Presto now and download it! You will love this if you use to turn on your laptop for only a few minutes of surfing. It works even great on netbooks (as Asus EEE).

See how fast it boots, even on an old laptop:

I have to add that this is just the trial version which last 7 days, after that the system will only be usable in 10 minutes before it shuts down. But it only costs $19.95 to buy, which isn’t much. Well used money if you are busy and need such a system.

Problems you can get:

I tested it out on my old laptop, which I got a response of a missing file called hal.dll. The reasons for this was that I installed Presto on my D: harddrive because the installer couldn’t get where i had my Windows installation in the first place. The solution to this was to move all the files from D: to C: and change the Windows boot file called boot.ini and direct the Presto system to the C: drive, so the system found the files.

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