StomperNet – Cool Day 2 videos

I think I’m going to like this StomperNet launch. Even though they’re open for new members, they seem to be more interested in giving stuff away, and I’ve already spent a lot of time over there downloading it.

If there’s one thing that sets StomperNet apart as a training organization, it’s their Faculty. Most internet marketers tend to be lone wolves, or maybe work with one other person.

StomperNet has TWENTY of them! (and they all know their stuff)

Not sure how StomperNet pulls that off, but I do know that if you had to pick ONE reason that StomperNet has helped over 100 people build million dollar businesses (many from scratch) the Faculty would be it.

And speaking of giveaways, you gotta see this new Twitter tool they have they’re calling StomperSocial. It’s like Tweetdeck on steroids.

Yeah, it’s Free (get used to hearing that). StomperNet loves giving away stuff away, but it’s not the moldy stuff in the back of the cabinet. It’s the GOOD stuff, all geared to making you more money more quickly.

So go check out Day 2 of this launch (and if you missed Day 1, go grab all THAT stuff too).

Talk soon.

Mats Erlandsen

P.S. Don’t forget: They’re also having free webinars almost every night with the StomperNet Faculty as part of the launch. There’s a button with the schedule on the navigation bar.

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