What is confidence

Why you need confidence
In the internet marketing and blogging world you need confidence. You are spreading your words and opinions all over the place and you need a bold attitude to do that. Why? You may say. Because all the people that come across your content and opinions are either with you or want to drag you down because of different opinions or of just plain jealousy. If you have been around for a while you probably have noticed some remarks, short comments from anonymously users who can just ruin your creativity and the day. But also your confidence in blogging or internet marketing in general. So it’s up to yourself to build up a great self confidence so you can resist all those nasty remarks and tune in on the positives that people bring along to you, it’s often easier to remember and get affected by a bad remark than a good one.

What is confidence
So what is confidence anyway. Wikipedia states it like this: “Confidence is generally described as a state or being certain either that a hypothesis or prediction is correct or that a chosen course of action is the best or most effective” – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Confidence
Confidence is a feeling you have that you are right in the decision or expression you have made. Such as opinions on your blog, that the product you have is the best/cheapest on the market and so on. You share this with the world and people will as stated before be with you on that statement or not. Self confidence on the other hand is tightly related to confidence on its own. But self confidence is believing in yourself and not in a group, company or product.
Another way to state that you are confident is to say that you believe in it or self confident that you believe in yourself.

How do you get confidence
If you haven’t got confidence today, how do you get confidence? Well, there are many systems that people use, and you yourself should think of how you got it in the past and try to retrace those steps. Like when you was about to doing that school play in the younger days and was so nervous, but you did it. What made you think you could go through it?

Illustration of What is confidence
What is confidence - by Bethany Carlson on SXC.hu

Quick guide to becoming confident in yourself:

  • No one is perfect, do whatever the way you do it best.
  • Talk with people around you, get their views and adjust a bit after the feedback.
  • Remember your accomplishments and successes! You can do it!
  • Don’t feel bad for yourself, be positive! When it’s at its worst, it can only get upwards!
  • Embrace compliments from people, thank them and smile. Focus on the good stuff.
  • Fake it till you make it as they say. Fake a smile when you don’t have it, look in the mirror, have pictures of people around you that smile all day long, preferably of loved ones.
  • Do small easy tasks at home. I like this one, when its though in the real world, go home and clean the house. you have done it millions of times and it’s something you can do and is confident about doing, it’s going to reflect other tasks you do.

What if you had confidence
If you had all the confidence that you could possibly have. What would you do with yourself, your product or your blog today? Write that personal post about something that pisses you off? Start a business? Make a new product, even when your last one sucked?
What would you do? Please write in the comments of what you would have done and why you haven’t already.

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  1. good steps on becoming confident, but what works for me is that i try to visualize the situation i am about to go into, this way i know beforehand what will happen and i can react to things i think will come up. Hope this helps others! 🙂

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