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I am a bit proud to present my first podcast on this blog. I am still figuring out some stuff so the sound will improve and my ability to talk basically just right out in the air. Feels kind of funny at the moment. But with some response and more training I think it will go great.

So I hope you will take about 8 minutes of your time to listen to my advice for you this weekend, my findings and a little bit about what I am reading at the moment. This is the best I have found so I will guarantee that you will find the information valuable if you are in business or just starting out.


What did I learn this week that could benefit you: – Dane Maxwell

Eventual Millionaire  with Jaime Tardy

How to start a software company in 6 weeks – Sam Ovens from 

What books am I reading that I recommend:

Spin Selling

The Accidental Sales Manager 

The Sales Leaders Playbook

I’m Feeling Lucky 

Getting amazing customers even before you have a product

It´s a hard time doing business. At least thats what the media dictates to you. But is it really? There a millionaires and billionaires created every day, out of thin air.

Just look at Facebook.

But how can you create a business which is creating great value for your customers, before you even got the product? Discover it soon…

Because all business is based upon something that is very simple, but few actually get it. Even great marketers fail at this. Still wondering?

Well you have to get into the mind of the customers. Deep into it, to understand something, the basics which drive us every day.

The NEED and WANTS. Thats where you are going to make a lot of money if you just get a grasp on it. Because WANTS is an iPhone 5 right now, because its hot. You don´t need it if you got an iPhone 4S but thats just what you want, if you dont got the cash for it you will drop it.

But if you have a NEED, then you will do anything to get it rigth NOW.

So if you get of the pc for a little bit. Pick up a phone and call several people in an industry you want to deliver some value to, and just interview them about their day at work, you will get great info about a need. Ask them about their day, what they do from they get into the office until they pack up and go home. Take lots of notes and make them rate their pain level of each activity and the time consumed to do this activity.

After you got the list. Look at the top pain points they got. Are this something you could solve for them? Using less resources, time and money than they do today? Then Create it! NOW! Go do it! Stop reading!

Because if you create something that can save someone pain, time and money. They will buy it.

What pains do you experience in your daily life? What is the worst things you got to do at your job?

Closing in 48-hours! High Performance Academy

I’ll know you’ll want to see and act on this TODAY.

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How to create high page rank backlinks

Hi there! How would you like to be able to create high page rank backlinks from .edu or .gov sites? How would that impact your rankings and traffic to your site?

It’s almost a must have knowlegde at the moment.

Thats why I have created a no fluff ebook on how you can do it in 3 easy steps to follow.

  • I will explain how you find high page rank sites
  • How you know they are not using nofollow links
  • Which tools to use

And as a bonus, one of the tools we will use even give you $100 in advertising coupons for you to use!

How about that a $10 ebook gives you $100 in advertising bonuses! Thats $90 for free to you!

So grab a copy on the big orange button below!

How to go to from ZERO or some connections on to about 800+ in 48 hours!

I don’t know about you, but connections, followers or friends in social media is really important to being able to spread your message and get on top of your area of interest or business.

So how about a quick way to get to over 800+ connections on

See proof here got 500+ connections: last week it was about 50-100 or something, I don’t remember.

It’s really easy. Just go to this page: Linked in connections

Click to sign up, its free, fill in name, email, password and choose the free version. Confirm your email and you are up and running.

Then go to Build Your Networks, click the link on the bottom of the page for the invite list. And download the 4 spreadsheets of emails of people willing to join your network, about 500 in each file.

Then head over to and click on CONTACTS  -> ADD Contacts. On the right side you will find a box, paste all the emails there and send invitations! Done!

Now you just have to wait for people to see your invitations, and most of them will accept your invite. And wait about 48 hours, then you will have 800+ connections like me!


If you would like to know how to monetize this brand new big network of your, put your name and email down under to get a short report on that:


How I got 50% more in gross sales in 3 easy steps

Ever wondered why your sales numbers got stuck? I have, and I researched ways to get it even higher. Now it’s crunched down to only 3 easy steps for you to follow. How would 50% more in sales feel to you?

Ok so lets begin.

Starting point:

You got to have some overview of what you are doing, know your numbers as they say. The numbers you need for this to work is how much daily traffic you got to your salespage, what the conversion rate is and the price of your product or service.

In my example I will keep the numbers easy.


Traffic: 1000 visitors

Conversion: 1 percent

Price of product: $19

Period: a month or 30 days.

Sum of sales is in this example $5700.

Step 1 in your 50% increase in sales: Traffic

If you bump your traffic by only 15% this would directly go to your bottom line as 15% extra profit if all the other numbers stay the same. Will i be hard for you to get that little traffic extra? What will you have to do? Write an extra blog post, submit more articles, comment more on other blogs? It will not be much, but I know you can do it.

Here are the numbers after a 15% increase in traffic:

Traffic: 1150 visitors

Conversion: 1 percent

Price of product: $19

Period: a month or 30 days.

Sum of sales is in this example $6555. (Whopping 15% extra cash in pocket! 🙂 )


Step 2 in your 50% increase in sales: Conversion

So now I dare you to increase your conversion of the salespage by 15%. Is this possible? Instead of 1% conversion you will then get 1,15 percent conversion rate. You can do this by split testing (look it up on tha internet) and changing parts of your salespage, adding new fresh images, give a better guarantee or get (more) testimonials on your page. This will help in the conversion and can easy make this little increase in the conversion rate. Go do it!

Here are the numbers after a 15% increase in conversion:

Traffic: 1150 visitors

Conversion: 1,15 percent

Price of product: $19

Period: a month or 30 days.

Sum of sales is in this example $7538. (Whopping 30%+ extra cash in pocket, than to begin with! 🙂 )


Step 3 in your 50% increase in sales: Price

Are you stuck in your pricepoint? People value products and services after price. But a little change in the price wouldnt hurt your sales. At least not just 15% increase. The price in this example will go from $19 to $21.85 and thats not much at all. People spend more than that at Mc Donalds when they opt in for a bigger meal or adds a desert. So this is maybe the easiest part of the challenge. Thats why I kept it as the last one. So lets go over our numbers again.

Here are the numbers after a 15% increase in price:

Traffic: 1150 visitors

Conversion: 1,15 percent

Price of product: $21,85

Period: a month or 30 days.

Sum of sales is in this example $8668. (Whopping 50%+ extra cash in pocket, than to begin with! 🙂 )


So how about that. We just did 3 simple steps, and now you got 50% more cash coming in every single month! How will your life change now? Do you get more time, more freedom or more cash to invest in future projects? An extra vacation?

I would love to hear from you and how your stats are after implementing this, feel free to comment about your success in the bottom of this post!

My best ReTweeted Tweets on Twitter

Just wondered how many “TW” I could legit put in the heading. Seems that 3 is enough. Today I was really sad to see out the window, its like you put your shower on maximum pressure, just the sky is the shower. Its reported flooding and it will rain about 8 cm water in just two days. So I got a good cup of coffe and sat down playing with twitter.

Borrowed from

I came over  my posts thats been retweeted by others and compiled this list, sorting out links that wouldnt work anymore and other stuff that had a timelimit, giving me the list below. Hope you enjoy the list and can get you in a better mood than this rainy day.

I challenge you to do the same today, go to twitter, click on retweets -> your tweets, retweeted and compile your own list! Place a comment below to your list or all the links you have, share the stuff people like!

So put your best links in the comments below!

What!? Did you give up on your new years goals already?

I am sitting here, looking out the window, its dark, some snow and generally cold outside, wondering…

How many people out there is still following their goals for this new year, 2011, its a bright and shiny new year with endless possiblities. Are you following your goals? Is it about health? Money? Most people choose one of those categories while setting their goals. It is because we all want to be healty and financial free. But what does that mean to you? What are your goals?

I have only set myself up for one goal this year. It is a goal that I have heard many people say and write that is good for you. In the book Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki, from seminar recordings of Brendon Burchard, Jim Rohns tapes(May he be loved and remembered.)… The goal is to read one book a week, thats a total of 52 books in a normal year. Can I do it? Yes. Do I have the time, yes! Do I have the motivation to do it? Thats another story. I planned it well, travelling on my christmas gift trip from my girlfriend to London I picked up a lot of books, about 13 or so for only 50 pounds, thats almost as much as 1,5 book costs in Norway where I live. So I will have enough reading material for the next 13 weeks.

I started out great, january the 2. I turned the first page of Paul McKenna´s book “Change your life in 7 DAYS”. Inspiring good book, well written, and I have read about 80 pages of a total of 250 or so. Whats got my attention was the DVD and the CD following the book. On the DVD it contains some small videos of what you are going throught in every chapter, its more alive than usual books. And on the CD you get a 30 minute hypnosis, where you are going to relax and set yourself up for a great day. I have listen to it a couple of times. The first time I got to sleep, a deep sleep and it was really good, but I didnt really get all that was going on. Because he is trying to get into your unconsios(did I spell that right?) with messages that will get your brain moving. But he states that you arent going to get it all with you anyway, so I suppose I have done it all right. Its an inspiring book, and I recommend you to go and get it.

Other things I spend my time on is a course by Bob Proctor, Six Minutes to Success. Its a series of short videos with him talking about concepts that can be done in about six minutes. It follows some of the principals of the good, old and fantastic book of Napoleon Hill, Think and grow rich. I wont reveal it all to you but he uses some of Hills tactics so it isnt his so I can restate them here:

Day 1: Write down a goal that you will achive in the next 90 days. Specific.

Day 2: Sort out in your mind: What inspires you? What do you really want? And what don´t you like?

Day 3: How much money do you want? Write down a specific number, like $25000 (That was what Bob wrote down the first time he did the exercise)

Day 4: What are you going to give to get the amount of money you desire?

Day 5: Decide the amount of time that it will take for you to get the specific amount of money you desired in step 3.

Day 6: Get up and get going. Start on step 4. What are you going to get you started doing it? Just do anything, right now!

Day 7: This is just the step that wraps up all the other steps, lay out your whole plan on how you will attract the money into your life.

Its a pretty basic exercise everyday. But how many will do it? Dont you belive it work? Is that a reason not to try it? I think I will get it a try, are you with me?

Thats my thoughts of this late night evening, its like my attention right now, a little here and a little there. But I hope you get some good use of this post.

So leave a comment about your goals of 2011 and if you do the exercises above please share your results in the box below! Take care!

Be on the web in amazingly 17 seconds with your laptop!

Hi, today I will show you an amazing program that will get you on the web after only 17 seconds after you start your laptop. Do you travel a lot? Then this is a great solution to get you fast on the web and checking the website or email you just have to check in less time than it takes to boot Windows XP or Windows Vista.

You get the features of taking calls in Skype, making documents in OpenOffice, be on MSN Messenger and surf the web with a full version of Mozilla Firefox. You also save battery on your laptop with this amazing operating system. You just have to download it and install it with a few clicks on the NEXT button, and you are running.

Based on Linux

It’s the amazing OS, Xandros Presto I am talking about. It’s a linux based OS, and it’s stripped down to only run the applications you have to run to get on the web and do the above tasks. Linux is used as a system in many different solutions, and it is tied with the expectation of beeing diffucult to operate. This has changed, after getting a bigger user group and people, with less computer experience, is now moving to this system because it’s made simple. You don’t need to worry about driver compatiblity since it comes with most drivers for networking and other hardware for your laptop.

Install Xandros Presto

Go to Presto webpages and click on the button for “Try Presto” a little down on the page. You get a link to either a torrent file, or Tucows. You can choose where to download it from, I used torrent and it was a fast download of the install package which is about 500 megabyte.

When you got it downloaded, double click on the file and install it on your harddrive where you got your windows installation. Usually that would be C:. After you have installed it you will be able to choose to reboot your laptop, do it.

When your laptop starts, you get a option to choose either Windows XP / Vista or Xandros Presto, choose the last one, and you will be up and running in 17 seconds.

At first boot you will have to put in your wireless password, which you will find on the networking icon on the menu line. When you have put that in you can go surfing with Mozilla Firefox, doing Skype calls and chat on the MSN client. It is as fast as starting it to shut the system down if you would like to call it the day.

Try Presto today!

Go to their page Presto now and download it! You will love this if you use to turn on your laptop for only a few minutes of surfing. It works even great on netbooks (as Asus EEE).

See how fast it boots, even on an old laptop:

I have to add that this is just the trial version which last 7 days, after that the system will only be usable in 10 minutes before it shuts down. But it only costs $19.95 to buy, which isn’t much. Well used money if you are busy and need such a system.

Problems you can get:

I tested it out on my old laptop, which I got a response of a missing file called hal.dll. The reasons for this was that I installed Presto on my D: harddrive because the installer couldn’t get where i had my Windows installation in the first place. The solution to this was to move all the files from D: to C: and change the Windows boot file called boot.ini and direct the Presto system to the C: drive, so the system found the files.

Introduction: My desktop

Hi and welcome to my first post on my personal blog! I will start of by showing you how my blogging desktop looks like and what cool hardware I got.

I have posted a couple of images of how it looks. I hope you see it well 🙂

My desktop environment consist of:

(Looking nice?!)

A little about all the stuff:


My mac, it was bought after my old laptop got retired. It was a 15,4″. I always have wanted to test out Mac to see how easy it is and if it meets my needs. I know a lot of designers use them, so they should be good. I have installed Windows XP on it with Bootcamp so I am covered if any Windows needs should come up, and I got Ubuntu and Vista in virtual machines 🙂


The keyboard was natural to buy with my mac. I planned the setup to be with a external keyboard, mice and screen. This is the thinnes keyboard I ever used, its wireless and works like a dream, can use it to control itunes anywhere in my apartment.


This is an old version of a mice from Microsoft. It works really well, been with me for several years now! I like the size of it, and the buttons to go forward and backwards in browsers is placed right were i want them.


The HP screen was bought after a little window shopping in a couple of stores. I really love the colors and the really high resolution on it. My macbook barely supports the 1920×1200 resolution with a minidvi to vga adapter. Yes I know, vga is old, but I had a really long vga cabel so I did go for it.

Café PC – Netbook

Asus Eee had to be tested. I did buy it because its even smaller than my 13″ macbook, you can put it in almost any bag you got and take it with you where ever you go.

(Here is a overview of my little dekstop)

Then you have seen my little blog desktop, if you got any questions about anything just ask me on twitter or in a comment here.

I also would love to see and hear about other bloggers tools/desktops, post a link in the comment area for all of us to see!

I hope you enjoyed this, take care and come back! 🙂