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Facebook updates – Now you get to know what your friends are surfing on!

Earlier you could see what your friends was chatting on in your mobile application:

Its been a while since this function first was introduced in your mobile application. You could easily see if the person you chattet with was using the internet on a computer or their mobile device. Its been hidden there for a while, but not anymore.

As you can see in the picture, Norwegian Facebook app, you could se the words “Sent from internet” when you chatted with a friend:

You also saw when the person was logged in and on which device he used last:

Then they released the possibility to see when people was last logged in. Also which unit they had been using then. Indicated by seconds, minutes and hours. In addition a little icon for telling you which device was used. As in a mobile phone icon in the picture below.

NEWS: Now you get to know what your friends are surfing on with Facebook

In their last update for Facebook on the web, which not everyone is getting yet, they show off which device you are using in the chat column. Specified by Web or Mobile. Your friends will now know what device you are on and when you switch. We already tested it and its only taking a few seconds for it to update your device. Look in the picture below for how it looks:

Picture used with permission from Ryan Mattson

So whats your thoughts on Facebook publicly showing off which device you are on? Is it useful, or could you be without it?

Whats your opinion?

1and1.com webhosting + wordpress and no auto update / themes / plugins upgrade

Welcome to my blog updating period!

I wanted to share how you can easily get rid of the problem with 1and1.com hosting and wordpress auto update on things like wordpress itself, plugins install, themes install. I have spent the last 3 hours trying to get wordpress to upgrade itself, but always got the page “Downloading update from http://wordpress.org/wordpress-3.1.3.zip…” …. and nothing more. Just a blank page after that. After trying ftp methods and other crappy things to put in the wp config file , I finally found Adam Youngs blog. He have experienced the same, and have the solution to it on the link below. Just 2 simple operations and you and wordpress are playing together again!

I want to thank Adam for sharing this, it made my day!


Sincerely Mats Holmvik