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Facebook updates – Now you get to know what your friends are surfing on!

Earlier you could see what your friends was chatting on in your mobile application:

Its been a while since this function first was introduced in your mobile application. You could easily see if the person you chattet with was using the internet on a computer or their mobile device. Its been hidden there for a while, but not anymore.

As you can see in the picture, Norwegian Facebook app, you could se the words “Sent from internet” when you chatted with a friend:

You also saw when the person was logged in and on which device he used last:

Then they released the possibility to see when people was last logged in. Also which unit they had been using then. Indicated by seconds, minutes and hours. In addition a little icon for telling you which device was used. As in a mobile phone icon in the picture below.

NEWS: Now you get to know what your friends are surfing on with Facebook

In their last update for Facebook on the web, which not everyone is getting yet, they show off which device you are using in the chat column. Specified by Web or Mobile. Your friends will now know what device you are on and when you switch. We already tested it and its only taking a few seconds for it to update your device. Look in the picture below for how it looks:

Picture used with permission from Ryan Mattson

So whats your thoughts on Facebook publicly showing off which device you are on? Is it useful, or could you be without it?

Whats your opinion?

How to make money online in 10 days at least your first sale

The World Wide Web makes it possible for us to do the daily activities we do on foot on our personal computers. That is why it is no surprise that people have found many ways on how to make money online. Basically, if we are able to make money by selling products and by working different types of jobs in the real world, then we can certainly make money doing the same things over the Internet. The Web is a user-friendly environment and is highly accessible nowadays; anyone who knows how to interact online definitely knows how to make money online.

Making money online can be in the form of online shopping or online advertising. Most companies have their respective websites in handy if ever customers should be interested with their services. Online shopping websites such as EBay and Amazon let visitors shop for different items and have it paid through credit cards. Search engine websites like Yahoo! and Google earn money by narrowing down the user’s searches to a few relevant websites available. Bloggers know how to make money online by advertising several products or writing blog ads for people to read. Some surfers earn money by surfing as many websites as they can. Almost anyone in cyberspace can make money online. It may not be much, but at least you are still earning while you are surfing the net.

People who are experts on how to make money online have used the marvels of the World Wide Web to make millions in income, whether through selling products, through their computer expertise, or their writing skills. It all depends on your money-earning strategy.

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StomperNet – Cool Day 2 videos

I think I’m going to like this StomperNet launch. Even though they’re open for new members, they seem to be more interested in giving stuff away, and I’ve already spent a lot of time over there downloading it.


If there’s one thing that sets StomperNet apart as a training organization, it’s their Faculty. Most internet marketers tend to be lone wolves, or maybe work with one other person.

StomperNet has TWENTY of them! (and they all know their stuff)

Not sure how StomperNet pulls that off, but I do know that if you had to pick ONE reason that StomperNet has helped over 100 people build million dollar businesses (many from scratch) the Faculty would be it.


And speaking of giveaways, you gotta see this new Twitter tool they have they’re calling StomperSocial. It’s like Tweetdeck on steroids.

Yeah, it’s Free (get used to hearing that). StomperNet loves giving away stuff away, but it’s not the moldy stuff in the back of the cabinet. It’s the GOOD stuff, all geared to making you more money more quickly.

So go check out Day 2 of this launch (and if you missed Day 1, go grab all THAT stuff too).


Talk soon.

Mats Erlandsen

P.S. Don’t forget: They’re also having free webinars almost every night with the StomperNet Faculty as part of the launch. There’s a button with the schedule on the navigation bar.