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Guru Blueprint from Eben Pagan – Internet Marketing – Make Money Online

Amazing, thats all I will dare to say at this point. Have you seen his new freebie line? He shows you exactly how to find a profitable niche, come up with ideas for content you can deliver and in just 10 minutes he shows how to go from powerpoint or keynote to a complete professional video you can distribute about anywhere.

In the last few weeks he has had his blog Guru Blueprint up. And people from 186 countries of only 192 countries in the world visiting ang giving over 4500 comments.

Around 15000 people are coming in each day he claims.

You should really head over there and use a couple of hours to go throught the videos. A couple of them are about 40 minutes long and gives you information that other internet marketing gurus takes $1997 for.

He is doing this because of his launch of the product this tuesday, so hurry up before the freebies are gone!

I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate you to leave a comment down below on what you think of this type of information.

Go watch it NOW: http://GURUBlueprintBlog.com

Great Screencapture, video recorder for mac

Today I will give you a good screen capture program to your mac! You can use it to easily generate videos or tutorials to your webpage or blog.

You get into the program really easy. If you have used similar programs earlier you know how to do it right away.

To get a trial version of it go to http://www.varasoftware.com. Download it and follow the same procedure as with any other program for your mac, it comes in a DMG file.

You can use the program to capture whats going on on your screen, the screen + a webcam/cam on your mac or just from the webcam. Then you get the opportunity to edit the two movies together or seperately. Mount it together to create a great presentation of your newest product or a review of your site.

This is a movie created by Ed Dale at 30daychallenge.com using ScreenFlow:

If you want to use the program after the trial, you get it for as little as $99.99! Its worth it!

Good luck with your new video or presentation!