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My best ReTweeted Tweets on Twitter

Just wondered how many “TW” I could legit put in the heading. Seems that 3 is enough. Today I was really sad to see out the window, its like you put your shower on maximum pressure, just the sky is the shower. Its reported flooding and it will rain about 8 cm water in just two days. So I got a good cup of coffe and sat down playing with twitter.

Borrowed from http://mashable.com/2009/08/19/retweet-launches-tomorrow/

I came over  my posts thats been retweeted by others and compiled this list, sorting out links that wouldnt work anymore and other stuff that had a timelimit, giving me the list below. Hope you enjoy the list and can get you in a better mood than this rainy day.

I challenge you to do the same today, go to twitter, click on retweets -> your tweets, retweeted and compile your own list! Place a comment below to your list or all the links you have, share the stuff people like!

So put your best links in the comments below!

Outline for creating 12 highly-lucrative products

Making $100,000 with ANY of these 12 programs
Information marketing is a mystery to a lot of people. But when you
discover there are only 12 kinds of products and programs you can
create, it’s not so intimidating and you can finally tackle them to start
making money and sharing your message.

Brendon Burchard just released a video on this, and it’s awesome:


He really breaks it down, and explains the outline, process and MATH
for making $100,000 a year with each product.

You’ll learn:

— The ‘Create Anything’ outline and script for creating your products
— 12 simple-to-create products and programs that bring in recurring revenue
— The MATH for how you can make $100,000 in 12 months with EACH of these products
— How you can win $1,200 just for posting a video of your story and advice

This all sounds high-strung, but the video nails it. It’s not hype, it’s a
50-minute training video!

Brendon is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, and he made
over $4.6 million in his first 24 months following these strategies.
(This was before he was famous, back when he was broke and
starting out. The path to wealth is clearly product creation).

At some point, every “guru” or expert decides to monetize their
knowledge via products and programs. The challenge is that our
community often focuses so much on generic marketing strategies
that few people really know exactly how to create AND market
highly lucrative products.

Brendon shows you how in this video, so check it out
before he pulls it down.


Enjoy the video. And take notes. Trust me, it’s worth the opt-in.

A $622,000 per year JOB? (really)

Interested to know about a company that paid it's
employees $622,000 a year EACH, on average?

Do you know how your early influences and "programming"
are affecting your results with money RIGHT NOW?

If you're interested in getting the details, plus learning more
of Money's Dirty Secrets, then go download this PDF Report
now and read it:


Inside, you'll learn about how we got our early ideas and
programming about money - and how these influences are
determining our success level with money.

You'll also learn "Dirty Secrets" about money, that no one
is talking about - including a secret about millionaires that
will REALLY open your eyes.

Finally, you'll learn about a company that paid $622,000
per year - on average - to all of its employees (and it's a
BIG company, too).

If you're interested in taking control of money in your life,
then go to this page right now, opt-in with your email
address, and get the free report and video that goes along
with it (and do the exercise that's on the page as well).

It's all free, but you must go download it now - before it's
gone for good...

Here's the link again, READ THIS REPORT now:


I really think it will help you understand money better!

Brendon crushed this one

This has to be one of the great marketing challenges of the year:

Brendon Burchard was dared to stand in 34 degree weather
and do an “elevator pitch” … if he didn’t finish by the time
they finished filling a bucket with ice cold water then…

Well, you MUST watch the end of this one! You’ll love it.


For one thing, I admire the guy for playing full out and
taking the challenge from his customers.

For you, this can be a great lesson in how to GRAB
your customer’s attention with a great video.

We all know Brendon is in the middle of his Experts Academy
launch, so to get this real and casual on a video, and to
make it FUN, is a great reminder that we shouldn’t take
ourselves so seriously and that we’re so blessed to get to
market our content whatever way we want to.

Personally, the ending surprised me and if I were Brendon,
I’d use a teleprompter and timer when this much is on the line 🙂


PS. Heads up: Brendon closes Experts Academy registration
on Wednesday at midnight. $65,000 in bonuses up for grabs
so check it out.

Tha link: http://problogger.no/h7c

SocialSpark a great way to make money on your blog

I signed up to SocialSpark yesterday after buying a “blog for money” course on Clickbank. I thought I would have to try it out. I get over to SocialSpark through a link and I sign up, the process was very web2.0 and easy to understand, but you got to have a blog of your own before you do it, because they want to know your blog URL, and a bit about what’s the blog about.

Once I had my account ready I just got prompted to write this very first blog post, which I get about $5 for. This is so they can review my writing on posts I will get paid for in the future, and since I already recommend products on my blog I think this will be a nice addition for my blog since I only will be posting things I would recommend anyway,. You get great reviews and I get some money for it, everyone’s happy.


If you got your very own english blog in any category you could sign up with SocialSpark right now, go through the process and see what I am talking about. On some of the posts you can do you get all the way up to $100 for only one post! So start making some money today!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
Visit my sponsor: I Signed Up for SocialSpark!

A new method of making money…(so fast your head will spin)


Here’s an automatic way to get
paid even while you sleep…

…and it only takes about
30-45 minutes a day to set


It was developed by a stay at home
dad who was sick and tired of getting
pushed around at work and only made
pennies in return…

His name is John Carter and he’s
just released a new method of making
money so fast your head will spin!

…AND the best part is, you don’t
need to to have any special skills
to do it!

>> http://bit.ly/cJvguD

… John Carter made over $200,000 last year
alone doing this…and he was still
developing it.

Today he’s revealing the entire secret to
the public…

BUT… because this is so easy and
automated to do he may take it off
the market SOON!


Don’t walk.

Go see this NOW!

…or you’ll miss your chance.


Guru Blueprint from Eben Pagan – Internet Marketing – Make Money Online

Amazing, thats all I will dare to say at this point. Have you seen his new freebie line? He shows you exactly how to find a profitable niche, come up with ideas for content you can deliver and in just 10 minutes he shows how to go from powerpoint or keynote to a complete professional video you can distribute about anywhere.

In the last few weeks he has had his blog Guru Blueprint up. And people from 186 countries of only 192 countries in the world visiting ang giving over 4500 comments.

Around 15000 people are coming in each day he claims.

You should really head over there and use a couple of hours to go throught the videos. A couple of them are about 40 minutes long and gives you information that other internet marketing gurus takes $1997 for.

He is doing this because of his launch of the product this tuesday, so hurry up before the freebies are gone!

I hope you enjoy it and I would appreciate you to leave a comment down below on what you think of this type of information.

Go watch it NOW: http://GURUBlueprintBlog.com

STOP wasting your valuable time and money on paid advertising!


how are you people doing? I am not very into all the blogging part yet, but I have started to learn a few things.

What I really want to show you is a report that Mike Filsaime has made for me about Viral Marketing, it’s not a loooong report, but a very tight and right on action type of report. You should check it out as I have made a special offer for you at http://matsholmvikcom.wpengine.com/viral/

I hope you will enjoy it!

Ps. I love the stuff inside, it got me a kick start from day one in marketing on the web. So go read it now!

62% of you are going out of business

That’s a REAL statistic from the Small Business Association.
62.8% (to be exact) of businesses will fail.

Kind of depressing.  Vegas has better odds.

All business owners should watch this video right now.


That’s from Andy Jenkins and the StomperNet guys, and he’s
doing a little math.  WHAT?!  Math!?  I know, but all you have
to do is pay attention.

Even in this recession, some businesses are going to step up
and grow.  They’re going to expand their customer bases AND
increase profits.

How are they going to do it?

Simple – watch the video.  They are going to follow a PROVEN
Formula for success.  This formula has been honed over 15 years
by Paul Lemberg, one of the most respected (and expensive)
business consultants around.  But you get his expertise today
for FREE.  And get this…

It works on 93% of ALL businesses that try it.

Go watch this video right now.  You won’t regret it.


Once you do, odds are the rest of your 2009 will be looking VERY good.

Mats Holmvik

P.S. Seriously, with just this video, you’ll be taking pages of
notes and can actually start making more money TODAY.