6 Best Blog Sites

Part 1 of 6 best blog sites:


Holy grail of blog sites. You got two options, wordpress.com which they host for you or the other one wordpress.org which you download and install on your own hosting and domain. I recommend the last one since you can play a bit more and can’t get kicked out, unless you stop paying for hosting or domain. You have all the options you can think of and a big community to help you,  even professionals if you are willing to pay for it. But it’s a harder learning curve than the others. Check it out!


I don’t know if we should call it a blog, but blog is short for web log, so it’s kind of that. You only get 160 characters to play within each “post” so you learn to compress your message into few words and people today have little time so it’s a perfect match. Check it out!


The big G (Google) owns this one. It’s easy to start out with, but has some limitations, but if you start out with this one you will see if you have the blogger inside you. Check it out!

Part 2 of 6 best blog sites:


This is a cool site, allows you to make 1 site for free. Has a lot of templates readymade for you to use. I used them to be a satellite site for one of my Norwegian blog sites, and it has steadily given me a lot of visitors, it is indexed well by Google. The blog feature is easy to use to a beginner and you can own your own domain, making it look more professional. Check it out!


The tumble log as it is known for is a different type of blog environment with some features that social media have. Good options on importing blog posts from other sources if you are converting to it. Plus for having a great community within and is ability to photo blog if you are more into that. Check it out!


Also good importing options here. And you can post much of the same content as the above blog sites. What’s good about it is you just have to send an email to post@posterous.com to start your blog, or post a new one. Check it out!

4 thoughts on “6 Best Blog Sites”

  1. I came across your site from a comment you posted on the PSI blog. Do you use these blogs to create a linking strategy to your main blog? I am working on create one right now.

  2. Hi Joe!

    I have used Weebly mainly to create links back to my main blog in a Norwegian niche about cats, but I set it up as a static site with 2 pages, one with video and one with a top list of things about the niche, then linked 2 times on each page back to my main blog. Works wonders!

    But I havent used them in a link wheel strategy like Pat has described on PSI, yet. I may look into it.

    What strategy do you follow on the links now?

    Thanks for stepping by! 🙂

  3. I just started working on build traffic to my blog. I am also still building my blog layout and content. Right now I am going around and checking out the various blogs that exist and getting to know the community. From blog commenting, I have noticed an increase of traffic to my site. the next step as far as linking goes, it to do the following…

    1. Guest Posts
    2. Article submissions
    3. Creating a WP.COM, Blogger and Squidoo lens with links back.

    The next step after that, I am not sure. what would you recommend?

    1. Guest Posts
    2. Article submissions
    3. Creating a WP.COM, Blogger and Squidoo lense with links back.

    The next step, I am not sure. what would you recommend?

  4. Guest post more, write articles and spin them, make the articles into videos and submit them to all the major video sites, if you got $$ use http://www.trafficgeyser.com/ to setup your video site accounts everywhere and just post the videos to them afterwards, little like article spinners/submitters 🙂

    just keep building more “online real estate” 🙂

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