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The Wait Is Over! Blog Profit Camp Opens

The wait is over! John Chow has open his Blog Profit Camp
coaching program for registration. However, it’s only open for
4 days so you need to sign up now to ensure you get a seat!

=> http://www.blogprofitcamp.com/125.html

Blog Profit Camp is a 12-week interactive course that will show
you step by step how to make big money with blogging. John started
blogging in December 2005 and within two years, took his blog
from making zero to making over $40,000 per month!

Today, he run one of the biggest and most profitable blogs in
the world, with over 100,000 RSS readers and over 56,000
people following me on Twitter.

In this new course, John will detail everything you need to do in
order to achieve the same level of success. You will be given
every tool needed and most important, you’ll have direct
access to John and his team to answer any questions you may have.

Blogging has allowed John to have time, money and location
freedom. To most people. this is just a dream. But it’s a
dream that you can achieve if you put your mind to
it and be willing learn.


Limited To 150 Students

The first round of registration is limited to 150 students. The
program will sell out so the sooner you sign up, the better
your chance of getting in.

Blog Profit Camp is covered by a 30 days no questions asked
money back guarantee. Try Blog Profit Camp for a full 30 days
and if it’s not all that you hope for, send John an email and
he’ll give your money back, no questions asked.

=> http://www.blogprofitcamp.com/125.html

Free $500 Review To The First 50 Students

To make this a can’t lose deal, John is giving $500 reviews
to the first 50 students. Companies pay $500 for a review
on John’s blog. However, if you’re among the first 50 to order
Blog Profit Camp, you’ll get the review for FREE!

This is truly a can’t lose deal! However, you must order now
to take advantage of this offer. Don’t wait until the last minute
because you will lose out! Go get it now!

=> http://www.blogprofitcamp.com/125.html

SocialSpark a great way to make money on your blog

I signed up to SocialSpark yesterday after buying a “blog for money” course on Clickbank. I thought I would have to try it out. I get over to SocialSpark through a link and I sign up, the process was very web2.0 and easy to understand, but you got to have a blog of your own before you do it, because they want to know your blog URL, and a bit about what’s the blog about.

Once I had my account ready I just got prompted to write this very first blog post, which I get about $5 for. This is so they can review my writing on posts I will get paid for in the future, and since I already recommend products on my blog I think this will be a nice addition for my blog since I only will be posting things I would recommend anyway,. You get great reviews and I get some money for it, everyone’s happy.


If you got your very own english blog in any category you could sign up with SocialSpark right now, go through the process and see what I am talking about. On some of the posts you can do you get all the way up to $100 for only one post! So start making some money today!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.
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The Dot Com Lifestyle – How To Have Both Time and Money

John Chow has just released his newest eBook call Living The
Dot Com Lifestyle: How To Have Time, Money and Location Freedom.

Living The Dot Com Lifestyle details the rules and methods John uses
to live anywhere in the world and have money come in even when he
is not working.

Last year, John spent over 100 days traveling with his family and
during those 100 days, he made more money than he ever made
before! Living The Dot Com Lifestyle explains how he did it.

Best of all, John’s eBook is FREE!

To get your copy of Living The Dot Com Lifestyle, all you have to is
download John’s last eBook, The Ultimate Blog Profit Model, which
is also free and explains how he makes $500,000 a year from blogging.

Download here:
=> http://www.blogprofitcamp.com/125.html

If you haven’t got your copy of The Ultimate Blog Profit Model yet,
then go sign up now and get both eBooks, plus another bonus

You can’t lose with this deal. It won’t cost you a single penny
and just for downloading the eBooks, you’ll be entered into a draw
to win an Apple iPad! Go get it now!

Download here:
=> http://www.blogprofitcamp.com/125.html

PS – John’s new coaching program, Blog Profit Camp, opens on
Tuesday, July 6. Mark that date on you calendar. You won’t want
to miss it!

The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments – Free eBook For You


A blog is a two way communication tool between the blogger and his
readers. However, for most bloggers, their blogs are a one way
street. They write the blog posts but for some reason, nobody ever
comments. Does this sound like your blog? Want to change it so
there are comments after comments whenever you write a new blog
post? Then The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments is for you!

The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments is written by John Chow and
was originally offered only to buyers of his Standout Comments
WordPress plugin. By itself, the eBook would sell for $47 but John
is going to give it to you for free!

The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments will teach you the tricks
and techniques John used to generate over 50 comments per blog post
to his blog. That’s over 168,000 blog comments!

To get The Secrets To Getting Blog Comment, all you have to is
download John’s last eBook, The Ultimate Blog Profit Model, which
is also free and explains how he make $500,000 a year from blogging.

Download here:

If you’ve already downloaded the Ultimate Blog Profit Model, then
you should have received an email from John with the download link
for The Secrets To Getting Blog Comments.

If you haven’t got your copy of The Ultimate Blog Profit Model yet,
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You really can’t lose with this deal. It won’t cost you anything
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Awesome Ebook by John Chow: The Ultimate Blog Profit Model

Hi there!

I just read a new ebook by John Chow call The Ultimate Blog Profit Model and it’s awesome. I think you will really enjoying read it as well.
Download the eBook here:
Download eBook Here

John Chow runs one of the biggest and most profitable
blogs in the world. He makes over $40,000 a month just
from blogging! His new eBook details exactly how he
does it.

Best of all, the book is free and can even win you an
Apple iPad! John will be awarding a new 16GB Apple iPad
to one lunch person who downloads The Ultimate Blog
Profit Model.

You can’t lose on this deal. You get a free eBook detailing
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a chance to win an Apple iPad as well.

Here’s the download link again:
Download eBook Here

How to make money online in 10 days at least your first sale

The World Wide Web makes it possible for us to do the daily activities we do on foot on our personal computers. That is why it is no surprise that people have found many ways on how to make money online. Basically, if we are able to make money by selling products and by working different types of jobs in the real world, then we can certainly make money doing the same things over the Internet. The Web is a user-friendly environment and is highly accessible nowadays; anyone who knows how to interact online definitely knows how to make money online.

Making money online can be in the form of online shopping or online advertising. Most companies have their respective websites in handy if ever customers should be interested with their services. Online shopping websites such as EBay and Amazon let visitors shop for different items and have it paid through credit cards. Search engine websites like Yahoo! and Google earn money by narrowing down the user’s searches to a few relevant websites available. Bloggers know how to make money online by advertising several products or writing blog ads for people to read. Some surfers earn money by surfing as many websites as they can. Almost anyone in cyberspace can make money online. It may not be much, but at least you are still earning while you are surfing the net.

People who are experts on how to make money online have used the marvels of the World Wide Web to make millions in income, whether through selling products, through their computer expertise, or their writing skills. It all depends on your money-earning strategy.

I have this Free 8 minute video that reveals how to make your first sale online in just 10 days http://bit.ly/czuZCY

Go check it out, and we will talk soon!

Great Screencapture, video recorder for mac

Today I will give you a good screen capture program to your mac! You can use it to easily generate videos or tutorials to your webpage or blog.

You get into the program really easy. If you have used similar programs earlier you know how to do it right away.

To get a trial version of it go to http://www.varasoftware.com. Download it and follow the same procedure as with any other program for your mac, it comes in a DMG file.

You can use the program to capture whats going on on your screen, the screen + a webcam/cam on your mac or just from the webcam. Then you get the opportunity to edit the two movies together or seperately. Mount it together to create a great presentation of your newest product or a review of your site.

This is a movie created by Ed Dale at 30daychallenge.com using ScreenFlow:

If you want to use the program after the trial, you get it for as little as $99.99! Its worth it!

Good luck with your new video or presentation!

Introduction: My desktop

Hi and welcome to my first post on my personal blog! I will start of by showing you how my blogging desktop looks like and what cool hardware I got.

I have posted a couple of images of how it looks. I hope you see it well 🙂

My desktop environment consist of:

(Looking nice?!)

A little about all the stuff:


My mac, it was bought after my old laptop got retired. It was a 15,4″. I always have wanted to test out Mac to see how easy it is and if it meets my needs. I know a lot of designers use them, so they should be good. I have installed Windows XP on it with Bootcamp so I am covered if any Windows needs should come up, and I got Ubuntu and Vista in virtual machines 🙂


The keyboard was natural to buy with my mac. I planned the setup to be with a external keyboard, mice and screen. This is the thinnes keyboard I ever used, its wireless and works like a dream, can use it to control itunes anywhere in my apartment.


This is an old version of a mice from Microsoft. It works really well, been with me for several years now! I like the size of it, and the buttons to go forward and backwards in browsers is placed right were i want them.


The HP screen was bought after a little window shopping in a couple of stores. I really love the colors and the really high resolution on it. My macbook barely supports the 1920×1200 resolution with a minidvi to vga adapter. Yes I know, vga is old, but I had a really long vga cabel so I did go for it.

Café PC – Netbook

Asus Eee had to be tested. I did buy it because its even smaller than my 13″ macbook, you can put it in almost any bag you got and take it with you where ever you go.

(Here is a overview of my little dekstop)

Then you have seen my little blog desktop, if you got any questions about anything just ask me on twitter or in a comment here.

I also would love to see and hear about other bloggers tools/desktops, post a link in the comment area for all of us to see!

I hope you enjoyed this, take care and come back! 🙂